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Captn. Super Villain


Born in Oxnard, CA, Peter Estrella (Kwoda) was introduced to music at a young age. His father a musician and music lover would bring vinyl, CD’s, cassettes of all genres home every week. Naturally the love of music ran in the family’s genes with other family members in the music business. He began freestlying & DJing local house parties and quickly made a name for himself in the local 805 area. It wasn’t until 9th grade when he met producers Digital Product & Bone-Solyd did he really start to work on his craft as an Emcee. “At the time I used to battle and just have fun rapping. These two dudes both put me up on a lot of game and gave me opportunities to do original records when no one else gave me the chance.” Constantly moving around within a 5 year span he would have to record himself. The idea of recording himself made him want to make every record better from the recording to the mixing. Taking the mixing into his own hands he gained an interests for engineering. “I was recording so much music at the time and I couldn’t find any one to mix my records the way I wanted them so I decided to learn myself.” As an emcee and audio engineer “Kwoda” is known for his creativity, strong work ethic and energy at live shows. He has released a few mix-tapes and EP’s and has been featured on numerous projects from local and established artists. Currently he stands as Vice President of Audio Hustler Music and is working on numerous projects. “Work Harder To See Better Days…” -The Kid